Slow Startup on Android Device

Hey ,
I Just Updated my expo project to Expo sdk v28.0.0 to implement JS OTAs in Background by doing updates.fallbackToCacheTimeout: 0 to save startup time
but now the standalone build is taking loads of time( 10-15 secs ) .
while displaying <AppLoading /> im also fetching data from an api , but since the api timesout in 5 seconds and it takes(1-2 sec) in Developement mode , hence it is not the culprit .
also im recovering some bundled assets ( can they be the culprit ? ).
Please Help , Thanks in advance

Expo sdk Version : v28.0.0
React-Native :

Environment : Standalone build on Android Device.

sometimes with very good internet connection it takes 5 secs . but with bad internet connection it takes upto 10-15 seconds which shoud not be the case because of the 5 second time-out I implemented . this means it has something to do with JS Loading given that I have used updates.fallbackToCacheTimeout: 0 or fetching bundled fonts.

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