Slow camera preview when pictureSize is set

When setting pictureSize property on camera I encounter significant slowdown in preview compared to leaving it to default. The preview slows down even more for lower values of pictureSize.

I’m interested in pictures in 1280x720.

As a workaround I tried resizing image after it’s taken but taking image itself at max resolution (which is default when pictureSize is not set) takes even 4-5 seconds on older devices (like Samsung Note II) and is much slower compared to pictureSize set to sth like “1280x720”.

Slower preview wouldn’t be such an issue for me but it looks like it affects auto focus speed which slows down when light is low.

There is no difference in preview speed for same resolution and different ratio even if they don’t matches.

I suppose slowdown comes from some additional work to reduce resolution for preview. Is there a way to keep original preview speed (like with no pictureSize set) with pictureSize set to lower value?

Is there a reason why pictureSize is not passed to takePictureAsync?

Hey @pmar,

Can you create a Github issue for this here containing all the relevant information you have as well as a MCVE ideally in the form of a Snack?



Thanks @adamjnav , issue with snack created:

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