Slider in Expo - not anymore in react-native but in react-native-community

Hello everyone,

I am pretty new to Expo. I wanted to add a simple Slider which is normally included into react-native, at least according to Expo documenation. However, apparently the official Slider has been moved to react-native-community/react-native-slider and is not anymore in the main react-native.

It seems that it is needed to link the community package to classic react-native but I don’t think it is possible in a managed app, is it ?

More generally is there any simple way to have a Slider component in an Expo managed app (the slider to pick a value from a range of value) ?

Thanks in advance

Hey @ivonig,

The Slider component, although deprecated, is still present in RN 0.59 and thus will be present in Expo’s SDK33. We’ll likely add the community version eventually (if that’s what we deem the best solution to be) but we don’t have a timeline for this.


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