skewX on Android

Hello, I found recently that skewX & skewY don’t work on Android. (it even closed :frowning:)

Does anyone know a work around for this? skewX & skewY and very very important for isometric games.

no workaround that i know of except use opengl:


check out other stuff on @bacon’s github as well:
and his talk about games with expo:

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I have been summoned ㊭
Check this out: Isometric Games in Expo

I can share the source if you need??


Look you made it in the readme :blue_heart:No android support for phaser cuz ImageStore from RN doesn’t support base64 -> localUri (-> EXGL) but maybe you could help me bug people about it / find a lib that does it and I can implement in Expo.
Source Code:

Hi there, for my particular case the things I needed to skew were solid colored shapes, so I ended up just drawing isometric shapes with ReactNativeSVG’s Polygon. But trying to sync the positions with views above the SVG has been particular cumbersome, but I’ve managed. Having a fix for this problem on Android would greatly reduce my workarounds and probably improved performance because as of now on my GalaxyS7 i get 7FPS :(, but every iOS device is 60.

You may have to open a PR for React Native to get this moving. :frowning: Lot’s of other things android is missing that my be prioritized over skew, overflow: visible for instance would be great.

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