Single device gets stuck on splash screen

Hello! We have an app running Expo SDK 44 flawlessly on a couple thousand devices. However on a single OnePlus 8T (Android 11) the app gets stuck to the splash screen even after reinstall. We bought the same device and installed 100% the same Android and Oxygen OS, but the app loads and works without a hicup.

My question is: what happens with Expo background processes so that the app could get stuck on the splash screen? Is there a setting in the OS that could do this? Firewall for example?

We made a version without the OTA updates (updates.enabled = false) and splash screen, but still the app gets stuck at start. Any ideas to try next?

Expo Go application seems to work ok. Any ideas why the build application gets stuck to the splash screen?

Hi @orteidni. Sorry you’re having trouble! It sounds like this might be a device specific issue, did you try restarting or rebooting the device itself? Users seemed to have luck with that regarding a similar issue with the Netflix splash screen getting stuck.

Hello! I had another report of the same issue using OnePlus 9 Pro. Both users have reinstalled multiple times the app and rebooted their devices, but the problem still persists. Maybe the issue is related to the OxygenOs?

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