Simulator says I need a newer version of Expo Client -- but am I even using the Expo Client if I have detached to ExpoKit?

I detached to ExpoKit last week. I was using SDK 26 when I detached. I’m now attempting an upgrade of the Expo SDK. The upgrade to SDK 27 did not go well, so I’m attempting to skip 27 and upgrade to 28. However, I’m getting an error in simulator saying I need a newer version of the Expo Client. (“The experience you requested requires a newer version of the Expo Client app.”) Am I even using the Expo Client at all if I have detached? The Expo Client is nowhere to be found in the simulator.

Before I detached to ExpoKit, I was able to resolve a similar problem by deleting the Expo Client from the simulator to force an upgrade: – However, in this case, since Expo Client is not installed on the simulator, I can’t delete it.

At one point, in my effort to resolved this, I tried doing Hardware > Erase All Content and Settings. I don’t know if that’s pertinent.

My solution was to un-detach as described at

And then I upgraded to SDK 28. Then I detached to ExpoKit again. Now I’m able to run my app in the simulator.

Hi @arnoldbird! Glad you got it working. I’m having a hard time following the different threads you’ve created about this. In the future maybe just post updates on one thread so that it’s easy for us to understand the current status?

Hi Jesse,
I had a number of issues in quick succession, but they are not duplicate issues, in this case. Two of the issues I ended up resolving in the same way, but they were still separate issues. It would not be best to put them in one thread, I don’t think.
Thank you

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