Simulator builds don't pick up changes

Hey gang,
I get my app working on simulator no problem, but then I make changes to the code, run

exp build:ios -t simulator

again, and my changes arn’t included in the downloaded product, even through it says the build completes. Here’s an example:

Is this expected behavior? Am I missing a cache clear?

I’ve tried, publishing my changes with exp publish and incrementing the build version in app.json.

If anyone else runs into this problem. This works for me if I do all of the following:

  1. Bump respective build version number: either ios or android.
  2. exp publish
  3. exp build:whatever
  4. Open your simulator and manually delete the last app from the phone.
  5. Run the new version.
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The problem with that method is that the point of building to device is to test it on the device before publishing.

It might work without publishing? You can also try publishing to a non-prod channel.

Yeah that’s a good idea, was thinking that might just work.

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