Simple example update time on each save takes 16 seconds

Hi, as an educator I’ve decided to invest and create a react native course to teach in a few collages I work with.
Currently the official Getting started of react native is using crna which is bundled with expo.
Although I LOVE what you guys are doing, I’m trying to run a simple example and the update time on each save takes 16 seconds.
16 seconds update is a tough sale to students and staff…
I made sure I have the latest node.js version, the latest npm version, the latest Expo XDE which I thought will help…
I am running on windows and so are my students. I tried using my device and also tried using gennymotion.
Results are the same - 16 seconds to update the screen on the simplest change.
How long does it suppose to take to update and what do I need to configure in order to achieve a reasonable update time?
Thank you

Great! I’m so excited about getting students excited about programming by developing mobile applications. 16 seconds to get feedback on what you did is definitely too long to feel good. The time to reload a change on device is going to depend on the clock speed / available memory on your machine and the network speed. I would suspect the machine since it sounds like simulators aren’t any better :frowning:

You might try out if the students will have a reliable internet connection. It take a different approach to getting code running on your phone that generally has a shorter feedback cycle.

As for configuration, you’re doing all the right things, except you might want to use npm 4 (we have found it to be more reliable than 5)

Good luck! I’d love to hear how things go

That bug from NPM 5 is fixed now