Signed Expo App Can't Make Network Calls

I am trying to publish an update to my app after upgrading the SDK from 27 to 32. The app works fine when I do expo start and run it on the emulator. But, when I do expo publish the finished app can’t make network calls. Then, I realized you couldn’t do expo publish if you update SDK (it still push the update somehow though), so I built the APK for Android. Thing is, the APK file nor the expo publish update work. It can’t make network calls to pull user info for instance, but it works just fine with expo start .

Any ideas on what this could be or how can I troubleshoot it? I went back to the commit with SDK 27, built it and still, the app can’t make network calls. However, a build rollback reverted to a working version of the app. It is also the first time I build this app from this computer

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