Should I use Next js with Expo or Not?

Next.js can only be used with Expo for web, this doesn't provide Server-Side Rendering (SSR) for native apps.

I do not understand completely. Does that mean Next.js can be used with Expo for web Only, not for Mobile? or Next.js can only be used with Expo, not with React-Native bare workflow? And it does not provide SSR for native apps. Does that mean no SSR for Mobile or Both web and mobile app?

Hi @whitedark

It means that Next.js can only be used with Expo Web. Not Android/iOS Expo apps. The second part of the sentence is basically just saying the same thing in a different way.


No. SSR should work for Expo Web. As the documentation says under the Contributing section:

If you have any problems rendering a certain component with SSR then you can submit fixes to the expo/expo repo