Should I upgrade to sdk47 first before fixing EAS build issues?

I experimented EAS build but got some weird errors using SDK46. Should I upgrade to SDK47 first before trying it again? wondering SDK47 could make some issues go away. Also, do I need to delete the ios and android folders before I try EAS build? Thanks in advance, Lin

what were the errors? it’s always best to update to the latest sdk, so i’d recommend that anyhow!

Brent, thanks for getting back to me. I got this error during the prebuild for both android and ios.

yarn run v1.22.17
$ expo start prebuild --no-install --platform android
Unknown or unexpected option: --no-install
error Command failed with exit code 1.

I was able to prebuild myself first prior to eas build and then the builds went through.

The command I used is expo prebuild --no-install --platform android. I don’t know why EAS will add start in the prebuild command thus led to the failure.

I am still on SDK46.


i believe you instanned to run npx expo prebuild, not expo start prebuild as you wrote in the above message

It was the EAS build UI. here is the screenshot.

I am guessing the command is managed by EAS build script.

that is because you have this script: "expo": "expo start" in your package.json. the expo command is meant to call into expo-cli. you should delete that script

That makes total sense! thank you!

Also, you might want to revert the changes made by npx expo prebuild when you ran it locally.