Shipping / packaging custom expo client to team members


While exploring the expo client native code capability, I have added some native library and compiled / run with expo run:android. It works for me. I have understood that after that I need to execute expo start --dev-client so that the customized expo client is taken into account the next time.

Now, I would like to share the customized expo client with our team without the needs for them to run expo run:*. Is it possible to kind of package the custom client for them and ship it? I have seen video which contains a tar.gz of the folder android or ios, and I am hoping to do something similar.

I maybe missed the info in the docs…

hi there! you can use internal distribution to make it easy for your team to install to their devices: Internal distribution - Expo Documentation

we’re also planning on making it easier to distribute simulator builds, but no updates on that yet. for now you can share those by url, just do a simulator build and share a url to the build page with your team