Shipping Method change on Expo payments

I’m using Expo (ejected) on React Native with Apple Pay (using, sending items and shipping methods, but I need to update the items (to update the total price) when the user changes the shipping method (which has different prices), but I didn’t see anything in the doc.

Is this possible? How can I update the total after user changes the shipping method?

That’s what I have:

import { PaymentsStripe as Stripe } from “expo-payments-stripe”;
const items = [
label: “Shipping”,
amount: ‘10.00’,
label: “Tax”,
amount: ‘12.00’,
label: “Subtotal”,
amount: ‘42.00’,

const shippingMethods = [
id: ‘free’,
label: ‘Free’,
detail: ‘Free shipping’,
amount: ‘0’
id: ‘express’,
label: ‘Express’,
detail: ‘Express shipping’,
amount: ‘10.00’

Stripe.paymentRequestWithApplePayAsync(items, {
requiredBillingAddressFields: [“phone”, “postal_address”],
requiredShippingAddressFields: [“phone”, “postal_address”],
shippingMethods: shippingMethods,