shell app for SDK 31.0.0 doesn't exist, downloading slowly

that all, how can I resolve it, thanks!

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Hey @jingli.chang,

I brought this up internally. I’ll circle back when I find out more.



Hello @jingli.chang,

we keep shell apps for all SDK versions on AWS S3. The bucket is in US East (N. Virginia) region. This is the URL for the SDK 31 shell app -
Basically, we don’t have any effect on how good is your connection with the AWS, we could probably use some CDN, which could help you to download the shell app faster if you’re far away from the USA. Still, I think you have a rather slow internet connection. I live in Poland, which is also far away from the USA, but I’m able to download the shell app in 2 minutes.

Thanks for your help, I have already download it, maybe I live in China.

I have ejected the Expo project, can I make the standalone app by turtle-cli?

Unfortunately, you can’t do this at the moment. turtle-cli is a tool for building standalone apps from not-ejected Expo projects.

excuse me, I want to know what android key while I run expo build:android. When I build a standalone app by turtle-cli for Android, My Samsung Galaxy s8 told me the signature does not match, install failed. but I uninstall the old app, I can install it. Our app has been installed for many people, we wish them can install apps directly. Thanks a lot.

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