Sharing data directly between Expo app and computer

Hi all,
I’ve created and Expo app for our organisation that contains a simple form for gathering user contact information. This app is primarily used during job fairs

How can I move collected contact data directly to computer?
I cannot use web service or other sharing option over the internet due to personal data protection issues.


  • Until now we used the share option with Mail client where we generated table of all contacts. This mail was then sent to the person who was responsible for processing it. Unfortunately this is no longer an option
  • I know that this was pretty oldschool solution, but at least right now we simply do not have any server available for this purpose due to some legal restrictions. Also, we do not want to use 3rd party service (like Google forms, etc.)

What I tried:

  • I considered using your FileSystem API, but since Expo client does not support File sharing on iTunes, this is not an option
  • I also wanted to connect my phone and computer to the same network and have the app share the data over web server. Unfortunately, this is also not an option because I cannot use native plugins supporting this
  • I cannot run the web server locally on my computer either due to firewall & port restrictions

Does anybody have any experience with this? Do I have something else to try?

Thank you,

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