Shareing Image to Instagram Stories using Expo (ExpoKit)


My team and I are attempting to implement Instagram Sharing (specifically sharing an image to stories) and are coming up against the same challenge indicated below. The use case is relatively straightforward:

(1) Save a snapshot of a view (or download an image)
(2) Share the image directly to Instagram stories using the api outlined here. Sharing to Instagram Stories

It seems that a solution may have been in the works as of last year. We are wondering what the status is, or, alternatively, if there are other React Native solutions.

Sharing Image to Instagram

Help, guidance and any input would be greatly appreciated. We need to decide quickly whether we can wait for direct support via ExpoKit using IntentLauncherAndroid (updated as in the PR indicated in the post) or we should be aiming to fully eject so we can build out own native library.

Thank you!

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