Shake gesture invokes react-native debug menu even when setting expo in production mode


Hi, can you provide a bit more info?

  • Did you use create-react-native-app to make the project, or did you use Expo exp/XDE?
  • Is your project detached to ExpoKit?
  • Are you serving from your local machine or are you loading a published app?

I can reproduce this both with create-react-native-app and using exp commandline or XDE setting to production mode in each case.

It is not detached to ExpoKit

This issue is reproduced on local machine and not on a published app.

This is very strange. I have no idea how to get to this state and I can’t reproduce it. Did you try setting the app to use two finger touch in your profile > settings screen in the Expo? Is anything different if you do that?

Yes, I have it set to the two finger touch. If I set it to shake gesture, it will show the Expo debug menu when I shake instead even when set to production mode. Is this intended?

Also, this only applies to the local machine. Published apps do not exhibit this behavior.

This seems equivalent to this

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