setting up expo-notifications

Moving my enquiry here.

I was trying to get expo notifications to work but ended up in pandora’s box.

So I have a react native project created with npx react-native ... and in this project I have unimodules and other expo libraries working fine. Just for context we are moving one of our expo projects to “vanilla rn” no eject, due to some limitations had, so the last part of the puzzle is the notifications.

We have the same setup we had for our expo managed project in our backend, we are using .net.

  1. Following the expo notifications docs, and after setting app.json with all the info for iOS, when trying expo credentials:manager -p ios on I get
  details: undefined,
  serverStack: undefined,
  metadata: undefined,
  _isApiError: true
  1. I thought maybe its only on iOS, since I had no errors on Android after setting up FCM and running expo push:android:upload --api-key mytoken. But when I try to get the new expo token with const token = await Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync() the app just freezes there no errors no nothing.