Setting badge numbers on a timer

I have an app that’s similar to a to-do list with daily recurring items for a set period of time. At the turn of each day, I’d like to set the badge icon number to the number of to-do items (which then get decremented as a user checks them off). If at all possible, I don’t want the user to receive a notification. I just want to change the badge number. And I don’t want the user to have to open the app to update the badge number. I want the user to wake up each day and see the badge number corresponding to the number of tasks the user needs to finish.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to do this. Since the to-do items are saved server side, I COULD have a cron job run nightly on my server and set the badge number via a notification. But that would mean sending a notification. And since Expo doesn’t run code in the background, I can’t set a local timer to update the badge number daily.

Is it possible to achieve what I describe above? If not, does the cron job I described make sense as a partial solution or is there something better?

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