Setting a Short Name or Display Name for iOS in Expo

Is there a way to set a separate display name for an application on iOS, having a full name for the App Store and a shorter display name for the home screen?

Setting a displayName attribute outside of the expo attribute in app.json hasn’t worked, nor has setting CFBundleDisplayName in the infoPlist attribute

I’m using 25.0.0 for my SDK and building with exp 48.0.2 for the command line


Hi @mtibby92 - the displayName field in your .ipa is used on the home screen, but I believe you set the App Store listing name separately when you actually submit or update your app on iTunes Connect. At that point you can choose a longer name for your App Store listing, but if your app is already on the store you’ll need to submit a new update in order to change that field.


Great, thanks for your help @esamelson!

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