Sentry - Unhandled JS Exception

I followed this guide to implement sentry in my Expo App.
I did setup my “hooks” in app.json and when i pubished my app, everything went fine with the sourcemaps and i can even see the version of my published app in the ‘Releases’ tab in my Sentry project.

So for now, everything looks fine.

I’ve created a Button that looks like this

<Button onPress={() => {throw new Error('sample error from expo')}} title="broken"/>

When Sentry.enableInExpoDevelopment = false; and i press my button, the result is

So my Error is triggered in a nice way. now i want to catch the error with sentry so i’m updating my code to Sentry.enableInExpoDevelopment = true;
And when i do so, it gives me this error

And nothing seems to happen in my Sentry Dashboard.

Anyone faced the issue already ?

I’m on my default channel.
Tested on virtual device (iphone 8) & real device (iphone 6)
Using sentry-expo@1.10.0

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