Sentry performance monitoring with sentry-expo

My team is super excited about the new performance monitoring in Sentry for React Native, but it looks like the sentry-expo package hasn’t caught up with that functionality yet. When can we expect support?

you can try out sentry-expo@next if you are using sdk 40 - it depends on the @sentry/react-native@^2.2.1

Hi, I’m using expo 41 and sentry-expo 3.1.4 in the managed workflow.
Performance monitoring is not working for me, I tryed following the sentry documentation for javascript (linked from the expo docs) and also the sentry documentation for react native and neither of those worked.
This is the code that I used while using ReactNativeTracing:

  dsn: 'https://...',
  enableInExpoDevelopment: true,
  debug: true,
  enableAutoSessionTracking: true,
  integrations: [
    new Sentry.Native.ReactNativeTracing({
      tracingOrigins: ['localhost', '', /^\//, /^https?:\/\//],

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

On the other hand i have a question, is tracing suposed to work while in development (using expo go)?

Thanks in advance!