Sentry integration on Expokit project

Sentry hooks into the build steps to upload the build symbols etc. But these steps are different in a expokit project. How would I go about integrating sentry with a expokit project.

Have you tried following the instructions here?

I did look at this. But it’s suited for a pure react native project.
For eg. on Android, Sentry hooks into the gradle project to upload sourcemaps. It’s looking for gradle tasks ending with "JsAndAssets"
Now this task does not exist on an expokit project.

I’m sure there might be other differences but this is one that I spotted.

I had the same question.

I have a ExpoKit project and I’d like to use Sentry. I followed the instructions provided in the docs which simply say to add the NPM package and import the library. This is actually capturing errors on dev (though I haven’t published yet so without the sourcemap the errors in Sentry are hard to trace).

However I’m wondering if this will continue to function once published? Do I need to add the native SDK? My app is already live to users and this update would be OTA.

I can confirm that following the existing docs (which just include adding the NPM package and postPublish hook) work in an ExpoKit project without any native tie-ins!

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