Sending notifications to a Snack app on Expo Go (Android)

I’m trying to send a push notification to a Snack app on Expo Go (Android).

I read all the docs and copy-pasted the code snippet from the guide into a blank Snack app: Push Notifications - Snack

I’m able to retrieve an ExponentPushToken. I then use an API client (Insomnia) to trigger a notification. I’m getting an okay push receipt response but no notifications appear on my device, with or without Expo Go opened.

I vaguely remember that this workflow used to work last year but I could be wrong. Given that I’m not getting an error message, I’m not sure how to investigate. Any pointers?

Hey @gduverger, this flow should work. Can you let me know what device and Android version you are testing on? Also, could you try sending the notification via our Notifications Tool?

Thanks for getting back to me, @adamjnav. I’m testing on a Google Pixel 3 phone running Android 12 and I’m observing the same behavior with Expo’s Notifications Tool.

Hey @adamjnav, any updates on this Snack app on Expo Go push notifications issue (on Android)? :crossed_fingers:

For the record, one of my coworkers observed the same issue with a Xiaomi Poco X3 on Android 11.

Hello, came here to say that I’m having the same problem. I’m using a Moto G5S on Android 8

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