Send notifications to a large amount of users

Hello, our app is steadily growing, and has now reached an userbase of ~50K users.
I’ve made a tool which sends batches of 100 push notifications towards Expo’s Push API. Problem with that is … it takes around 2 minutes to complete sending all batches.

So, I’m wondering, how are we supposed to scale this? Given we have events at specific times, we can’t scheduled a notification to go out at 13:00 if the sending process takes 10 minutes …

Please advise

Your best opportunity is to quit managed, and expose, then you must use any third party notification tool, or use directly google notifications directly, same with IOS, then from backend directly to those apis.

But you’ll need to generate an independent token per platform instead of a single one as now, bit tricky but doable ( i have maneged like this in the past ).

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