Segment-Facebook App Events

In order to use Segment to feed app events back to Facebook for the purposes of attributing Facebook ads, Segment requires the additional setup of installing Segment-Facebook-App-Events. My guess is that this would require a detach, but thought it was worth asking first.

Unless is there an alternate route to tying app install conversions back to FB ads? Has anyone done this?


It’s a little unclear from the Segment docs but you might be able to use this destination without any native code changes: Facebook App Events Destination | Segment Documentation.

Simply integrate one of Segment’s latest mobile SDKs into your app and we can send all of the data to Facebook via our servers so you don’t need to add another SDK to your app. This is the recommended method for sending your app event data to Facebook and it doesn’t require adding any additional SDKs.

Let us know if you get it working!

@carrie-openinvest - What did you end up doing? :slight_smile:

@jesse - Would it be possible to somehow use the raw Facebook App Events API (App Events API - Marketing API - Documentation - Facebook for Developers)? As far as I understand from those docs, one would need a way to fetch

Apple's Advertising Identifier (IDFA) (for iOS)
Android's Advertising ID (Android)

and use that in the requests to the API, correct?

My concrete use case is that we’d like some insight into how many app installs our Facebook/Instagram ads are generating. I’m not entirely sure how this works, but as far as I understand from the docs, I need App Events for that.

Hey @jhalborg. Expo doesn’t expose either of those values right now, so you’d have to detach to get them.

Hey @jesse , thanks :slight_smile: Any chance they could be exposed in the next SDK? It would allow a number of integrations that are not possible now, App Events being one.

I’d really rather not detach if possible :smiley:

EDIT: Added as input for Full Facebook SDK | Voters | Expo

You should submit a PR if you really want them in the next release! Don’t think we’ll have time to do it ourselves.

hi @jhalborg, I work with Carrie. We ended up detaching so we could initialize Segment-Facebook-App-Events, also so we could capture the “Application Install” event in Segment

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Hi @mcl3an,
How did you implement this? I tried it myself and expo doesn’t expose config ( in order to add SEGFacebookAppEventsIntegrationFactory. Also, there is a separate topic where people say that Segment doesn’t expose IDFA and App Events ignore such events: Full Facebook SDK | Voters | Expo
Is this possible to contact you?