Segment "Application Installed" event not firing

We’re developing for iOS (so far) and are making a call to initialize Segment
Expo.Segment.initialize({ iosWriteKey segmentIOSWriteKey });

While screen and track events are firing, we’re not getting a “Application Installed” event, which is required as a discrete event by Facebook & Google.

Segment’s documentation says “Note: the bolded [Application Installed, Application Opened, Application Updated] events are currently collected automatically by the latest version of our Android and iOS SDKS.” This suggests to me that these three events, should be fired without additional action.

Perhaps Expo is blocking this from occurring? Is there recommended way to fire the “Application Installed” event to Segment?

hey @carrie-openinvest - is the github issue the same issue as this?

ah nvm i see the issue you opened, let’s continue tracking it on gh:

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These appear to be different issues to me.

The CFBundleDisplayName issue was diagnosed because we could see the events
coming through in Segment debugger, but a field GA uses is missing in the

The ‘Application Installed’ events that Segment claims to fire
automatically aren’t coming through at all, but are also necessary for GA
and FB analytics to perform correctly.

I’m noticing that in the Segment Debugger for both my iOS and Android versions that the “Application Installed” Event is NOT fired automatically. I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with this. What have been your workarounds for manually tracking the “Application Installed” event? I’ve considered using AsyncStorage and setting a flag to determine whether it should be called or not, but I’m not sure how to do this without all my existing users tripping the flag and inflating my installation counts. Any ideas?

I’m also having this issue