See the content of an EAS update ?


I’m having a hard time…

After a bad manipulation I desynchronized my git branch and my eas branch.

I lost some code on my repo but the code is in the EAS branch.

Can i see the content of my update to retrieve my missing code ?

I suppose that the code on the branch is already transpiled but i had to ask…

Thank you in advance and sorry for the bad english.

Hi @axwelclub

As far as I know the code is only available on the EAS Build server while it’s building, so I don’t think you’d be able to get it back from there.

If you have a .apk, .aab, .ipa etc., then you can extract the compiled code from it, but it’s not very useful in that form.

However, if you run git reflog in your repository then you might find that your code is not gone.

It will show you a list of commits that you have had checked out at some point in the recent past. So even if you rebased something and accidentally messed it up, if you find the commit ID, you could create a new branch at that commit and see if it’s what you were looking for.

e.g., if the git reflog output looks like this:

deb5fcd (HEAD -> supports-screens, origin/sdk-47, origin/main, sdk-47, main) HEAD@{0}: checkout: moving from sdk-47 to supports-screens
deb5fcd (HEAD -> supports-screens, origin/sdk-47, origin/main, sdk-47, main) HEAD@{1}: checkout: moving from forums-68589 to sdk-47
129b7bb (forums-68589) HEAD@{2}: commit (merge): Update to Expo SDK 47
b35000b (origin/forums-68589) HEAD@{3}: commit: Try with useFrameworks static
3c1c6ee HEAD@{4}: commit: Update the deployment target
995d853 HEAD@{5}: commit: Workaround resolution problem for react-native-fbads
68c2fa2 HEAD@{6}: commit: Add deps and plugins from forum post
9695636 (origin/sdk-46, sdk-46) HEAD@{7}: reset: moving to sdk-46

then let’s say you want to look at the code from the 9695636 commit you can do:

git checkout -b recover 9695636

it will create a new branch called recover pointing at that commit.

Thank you wodin for your answer.

Yeah i already try to check my commits history and my stash list, the code is nowhere i can’t understand…

Not a big deal wasn’t a big update.

Thank you again.

Did you try git reflog? Because if you do something like reset or delete a branch or mess up a rebase or something like that, the commits will not show up in the normal history (like in git log or gitk) but they will still be in your repository until they are garbage collected.

Also, it might help if you explained what happened to get you into this situation.