Security layers for application in EAS build

I want to add some security layers to my application, I know that I can’t protect my app 100%,
I just want to make it harder for Attackers to mess with my code/app.

here is what I want to do:

  • SSL pinning,
  • JailMonkey
  • Obfuscation of my own code for Android and IOS

All libraries made for these points explained their install steps for React native CLI, with no mention of EAS or Expo,

I don’t have an android folder in my app, I don’t use Prebuild.

I need some explanations/implementation steps on how to add those three points to my app, and which library should I use.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

hi there!

you can use config plugins to modify native projects however you like, if you don’t want to maintain your ios and android directories in source control and generate them on build instead: Config Plugins - Expo Documentation

if you build a config plugin for one of the libraries that you want to use, it would be fantastic if you send it to the repository as a pull request!

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Hi @basselturky

This post might give you some hints:

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@wodin Thank you so much, this helped me a lot.

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No problem. Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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