SDK44 version issue

I am getting error of SDK version issue like could not load exp // Even I changed SDK version 45 or 47 and used web app again but still I am getting same error.

please help me to resolve this issue as well. thanks

Hi @anchalp

Could you clarify exactly what you’re doing, please? I suppose you’re trying to load an old Snack in Expo Go? If so, what’s the URL of the Snack?

please check screen shot in attachment

I have no idea what “webtomob” is, but it looks like you might have to contact them to ask about this issue.

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do you have any idea why this error is coming on right side of screen? this is expo api response error.
we are using node “snack-sdk”: “^3.8.0” package.

I’m not sure exactly, but maybe try upgrading to 3.9.0.

can you please tell me that what is current version of SDK ?

The latest Expo SDK is currently SDK 47

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