SDK39 build wrong release channel

I just upgraded my project to SDK39 and built for iOS and Android using a specified release channel but the built app is using “default”

During the build it shows my selected release channel

  • Expo SDK: 39.0.0
  • Release channel: prod-v6
  • Workflow: Managed

And the publish history also shows my selected release channel, but the standalone app is looking at the default release channel. The OTA will not work if I publish a new release to my selected channel.

I added a spot where it shows the release channel in app (Updates.releaseChannel) and it is showing “default” there. If I publish a new build to the “default” channel then the app updates.

I even unzipped my Android APK and I can see the correct release channel in assets/app.manifest

Has something changes in how OTA is handled? I upgraded form SDK37 and read the changes for SDK38 and SDK39 and nothing seems to indicate this is different.



I’m experiencing this as well after moving to SDK39.

I also have this issue, is this a bug?

Same here, standalone apps won’t pull from anything but default.

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The fix for this problem has been released:

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