SDK37 - White Status bar on standalone app

Hi, When I open my app in Expo, the Status Bar Color of the time, battery and so on is black on my white background.

I published my App in the App Store and there the Font Color is white. Now it looks like the status bar is missing. It is there but the font Color is white on a white background.

Is this a bug? What can I do?


hi there! do you use the StatusBar component in your app at all?

Hi, not exactly sure which one you mean, but I don‘t think so. Could you tell me what I need to do? Thanks

you can add this to your app to ensure that the status bar style is set:

<StatusBar barStyle="default" />

there’s a quirk in standalone apps right now where they default to the white status bar color

Worked, thank you very much.

Just one more question: I did “expo publish” to make this change available in the live app for iOS. I However, I did not upload my app to Google Play Store so far. So if I download the file from my Expo Dashboard now and upload it to the Play Store, will this already have this OTA or do I need to do the expo build for android again?

Thank you very much for your help.

The APK will still contain the original JS bundle, so assuming this issue also happens on Android, the first time it is opened it will show the white status bar. Assuming you’ve left the OTA updates enabled, the app should download the new bundle and the next time it is opened it should show the correct status bar.

Awesome. Thanks.

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