SDK33 Andriod Standalone Multiple Crashes


After updating to SDK 33 (from SDK 32) and redoing all the imports the Android standalone crashes for the following errors (The actual code is exactly as was in SDK 32):

The method or property Amplitude.setUserId is not available on android, are you sure you’ve linked all the native dependencies properly?

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘S.Type’) while calling: “”

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘c.default.loadAsync’) while calling: “await Font.loadAsync”

undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘p.default.hasServicesEnabledAsync’) while calling: “Location.hasServicesEnabledAsync()”

All of the errors occur when importing based on the updated SDK33 notes:
import * as Font from ‘expo-font’;
import * as Amplitude from ‘expo-analytics-amplitude’;
import { Camera } from ‘expo’
import * as Location from ‘expo-location’

Running managed expo SDK 33.0.5

Errors occur on the following Android devices:
SM-J337A API 26
SM-J500M API 23
SM-G965F API 28
XT1609 API 25
SM-G955U API 28
SM-S367VL API 26
LG-K428 API 23
SM-N920T API 24
And others…

Hi @jjt! Sorry about this issue, have you already run expo install?

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your response. That is correct I did not do expo install for any of the packages.

Even the managed workflow requires to do expo install for each of the packages?

Since I’m using lots of the other packages such as (expo-constants, expo-image-manipulator, expo-image-picker, expo-permissions, etc.) without doing expo install either and they all are working fine without errors?

Yeah, the command is a wrapper around npm/yarn install (it will automatically install the module version compatible with your SDK version)

Thank you!! That resolved all outstanding issues :grinning:

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