SDK v25.0.0 upgrade doc not clear about handling new build with release channel

Hi, I just upgraded my expo SDK from v24.0.0 to v25.0.0 following this blog post. However, it is a bit confusing when building new android apk with release channel.

I had a build with v24.0.0 and channel prod-v1. After I upgraded everything to v25.0.0, and versionCode from 9 to 10, and then run exp build:android --release-channel prod-v1, I got a very fast build process:

[exp] Your project looks good!
[exp] Checking if current build exists...

[exp] No currently active or previous builds for this project.
[exp] Looking for releases...
[exp] Using existing release on channel "prod-v1":
  publicationId: xxx censored xxx
  publishedTime: 2018-01-20T06:07:42.456Z
[exp] Building...
[exp] Build started, it may take a few minutes to complete.
[exp] You can monitor the build at
... some link

Then, I head to the build link, I found that my build manifest is still versionCode 9, which I cannot submit to Google Play as an update.

I then build into prod-v2 channel and it works fine.

I think it makes sense to not publishing the code with different expo SDK to existing channel.

However, instead of using existing code on the server and just build the same thing again, it should prevent me from even starting the build. I could only notice the problem after getting rejected by Google Play Console because of the same versionCode.

exp cli version: 48.0.2

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