SDK Upgrade for Existing Users

We are currently using SDK verion 35. Say if need we upgrade to 36 or later versions and deploy the binary files to the stores as required, do we have to inform our existing users to download the latest version in the stores or does the OTA update takes care of it in the background, too?

Usually users get notified of available updates on the stores, or the app may update automatically, or in some cases none of the previously mentioned happen, and the user has to go and get the update for himself. It all depends on operating system (iOS or Android) and user preferences. Unfortunately you won’t have much control over this, as far as I know.


The OTA updates cannot deal with SDK upgrades. So if you upgrade the SDK version the users will need to install an updated version of the app from the App Store/Play Store. Normally their device should notify them of updates or possibly download them automatically, but of course this depends on their auto-update settings.

Got that. Thank you @esdrasevt and @wodin for your kindly response.

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