SDK 46 - Custom Image on Marker from react-native-maps is huge on iOS after EAS Build; on client it works fine.

Hey all,

While developing my app I used React Native Maps for an interactive map. I used the image attribute on the Marker, but this image is showing the correct way during the Expo Development client, after building it using EAS it looks huge on iOS. See the difference in the attached images.

My code for this specific component looks like this:

import React from 'react'

import { Marker } from 'react-native-maps'

import { Coordinates } from '../../models/Coordinates'

type LocationMarkerProps = {
  coordinates: Coordinates
  children?: React.ReactNode

const LocationMarker = ({ coordinates, children }: LocationMarkerProps) => (
  <Marker image={require('../../../assets/marker.png')}  coordinate={coordinates}>
    {children && children}

export default LocationMarker

Good to know:

  • I use the managed workflow (Expo);
  • EAS CLI version: eas-cli/2.1.0 darwin-arm64 node-v16.16.0;
  • I have the right assets (marker.png, marker@2x.png, marker@3x.png).

Does this have to do with the old version of React Native Maps that’s compatible with Expo (0.31.1)? They are currently at 1.3.1 :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!

hi there! i’d check out the react-native-maps issues, such as this one: Custom marker icons are too big on release · Issue #1422 · react-native-maps/react-native-maps · GitHub

i don’t believe this is anything related to expo tooling such as expo-dev-client