SDK 46 and Analytics

Please provide the following:

  1. 46:
  2. iOS (Android works fine)


I got an issue with Firebase Analytics when releasing to TestFlight (and would occur if I deploy to store).
Basically on Android I can launch the build but on iOS it crashes on launch and thus even sentry is not able to retrieve the error.

I just followed this guide (FirebaseAnalytics - Expo Documentation) and tried with and without using @react-native-firebase/app. With SDK 45 it was working.

Thanks and can provide some configuration files if needed.


Should update the expo sdk 46 upgrade instructions to:

  1. Run expo upgrade
  2. Run expo doctor
  3. Update react-native version.
    4: If using firebase, folllow the guide you mention, add expo-build-properties in app.json and so on.
  4. If you are using hermes, update reanimated to 2.12.0 as you will be having conflicting C-versions. .

Hey @prism,

A common issue of crashing on iOS could be and as @pastacarbonara mentioned, is:

when using @react-native-firebase/app library. It’s a required step to configure the React Native Firebase library. You can check out how to configure it from here: FirebaseAnalytics - Expo Documentation

Also, I’d suggest moving away from expo-firebase-analytics library and use Development Builds with React Native Firebase library since expo-firebase-analytics library will be deprecated soon.
You can follow the migration steps from expo-firebase-analytics to use React Native Firebase library here: fyi/ at main · expo/fyi · GitHub

Hey @pastacarbonara & @amanhimself thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I made some tests and basically remove any related packages to firebase and just left

“plugins”: [
“ios”: {
“useFrameworks”: “static”

If I put this static param for the podfile it builds but the app is crashing right away…

If you are not using Firebase in your test, you need to use expo-build-properties to specify “useFrameworks”: “static”. Can you share the link to your build so that I can take a look at what could be the issue and try to reproduce it on my end?

Hi I update to sdk 47 and used as you suggest the native implementation.
Now the build is ok on TestFlight, I got now some issues on the run :slight_smile:

Can you share what type of issues you are getting?

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