SDK 38 CAMERA/CAMERA_ROLL User rejected permissions

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  1. SDK Version: 38
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
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May be related to [Unhandled promise rejection: Error: User rejected permissions].

Only response from adamjnav on the above topic stated "You can’t pass multiple Permissions to askAsync" which seems to directly contradict the Expo documentation: Permissions - Expo Documentation.

We have one instance where CAMERA, CAMERA_ROLL, and LOCATION are requested in a single call to Permission.askAsync.

These permissions were working fine prior to this morning (15/3/2021), when all camera functionality for Android 10 devices has ceased. Works as expected on Android 9.

if you want to use the CAMERA_ROLL permission , you need to CAMERA, expo- camera, expo-barcode-scanner API . import as Permissions from ‘expo- permissions’.

Hi @weston214589, we were importing the correct libraries. The issue I was referring to (which turned out to be a red herring) is that the response from the expo team in the linked post stated that you can’t include multiple permissions in the Permission.askAsync(...types) method, which seems to contradict the actual expo documentation.

It turns out that OTA updates via expo don’t seem to update permissions in the app manifest (only AAB and APK builds uploaded to the Play Store will; not sure if this is documented, but noting it here in case anyone else comes across this issue). We recently published an update to fix the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission changes, but did not have all the additional required permissions listed explicitly. The app continued to work with the OTA version of the update because the permissions hadn’t actually updated on devices where the app was already installed until Google approved the new version.

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Hey @katalyst, for future reference here is our documentation about the limitations of OTA updates Publishing updates - Expo Documentation


@adamjnav perfect, thanks. I have added a link in the app’s README :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information

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