SDK 38.0 but useNextNotificationsApi true not recognized...

useNextNotificationsApi is not recognized as a valid key in my app.json.

I have expo 38. I ran expo install expo-notifications. I put it under

Am I putting it in the wrong place?

Can you show us how app.json looks?

This is exactly what Im seeing.

That looks right.
Have you built a new bundle? Remember that this kind of changes only take effect when you create a new bundle, so expo publish won’t do the job here.

If you mean, “expo start” I’ve done that a few times. I have not created a standalone bundle yet. I haven’t deployed the app yet. Is that what you mean?

No, I meant expo build:android assuming your problem was with a standalone app.

In your case it seems like it is your code editor giving you the error message, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the key is not being recognised.

Have you been able to test push notifications in Android? If they work, then you should just ignore the warning.

@aryk I have having the same issue on compilation. Did you manage to resolve it?

I can confirm I’m having a same problem in Webstorm. All works fine, it just flags that line as ‘not allowed’.

Yeah…Im using jetbrains…it still shows the same issue. Have not actually compiled and tried things out but I’m expecting to get these issues:

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