[ SDK - 35 ] react-native-webview: error loading page, "net::ERR_ACCESS_DENIED"

Project settings:

  1. SDK version : 35,
  2. Platform Android

Hi guys,
i got i problem with the loading of a file, in this case an image, with extension ‘JPG’.
I’m trying to open it with the react-native-webview, but after i upgraded to expo sdk 35, it randomly crashes, returning me this error:

With ‘randomly’ i mean that sometimes the file opens correctly and other times it goes on crash, catching the PROPS ‘onError’ of the webview component.

The flow is :

  • i click on the element, and i pass to the webview a props with the source of the file in the format ‘file:///’, it is a file downloaded on the local storage of the phone.
  • the webview loads the file and shows it.
  • in the first case it throw the onLoading error, on the second click it works, opening correctly the file and then it crashes again.

this is the code where i call the webview component :


I hope i have provided enough informations about my problem.

Thank u for the responses.


Did you find a solution by any chance ? I am having issues with webview too.

Nope. I didn’t found any solution. It continues to crash randomly, throwing the ‘onLoad error’ .

it’s a problem that i’m also encountering with the SDK 34… so maybe it’s a problem with my code instead of the webview code … but i’m not sure about it.

I’ll continue to investigate the issue.

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