SDK 34 - increased IPA file size

I just upgraded my project from SDK 33 to 34 and noticed that after build, the size of the IPA increased from about 100 MB to 170 MB. Is that intended because of some new compatibility, support, features etc. or does it indicate that there is an issue?

There are new features added, specifically to iOS such as iOS 13 support, which you can read about more in the release notes.

I should also add that iOS apps go through a process called “app thinning” (performed by the App store) which drastically reduces the IPA size (in most cases, probably somewhere around 20 mb)

Thanks for your reply. I’ve now submitted the app to TestFlight but the file sizes has really changed. In App Store Connect on iOS I can see that before the download size was 16,9 MB and install size 24,7 MB. After upgraded to Expo 34 the sizes changed to 39,5 MB and 50,7 MB. That’s double up. Is that really intended?

After uploaded my abb to Google Play, the download size on my device goes from about 13 MB to 21 MB, and the only change is upgraded to Expo 34. Is that really intended? I havn’t testet the download size on App Store, but the IPA goes from 101 MB to 183 MB.

Thanks for following up, the size increase is expected, now that FaceDetector is being included in SDK34 apps — FaceDetector was being erroneously excluded from previous apks but we’ve since fixed that issue!

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