[SDK 33] Splash screen with `resizeMode: cover` in production APK does not fill the whole screen

When developing the splash screen covers the whole screen correctly.
When building a release APK for production, the splash screen behaves like contain.

Here are my settings for the android splash screen from app.json:

"splash": {
  "backgroundColor": "#000000",
  "resizeMode": "cover",
  "mdpi": "./assets/splash/mdpi.png",
  "hdpi": "./assets/splash/hdpi.png",
  "xhdpi": "./assets/splash/xhdpi.png",
  "xxhdpi": "./assets/splash/xxhdpi.png",
  "xxxhdpi": "./assets/splash/xxxhdpi.png"

What can I do to provide an APK with a full screen covering splash screen.

Hi @ikusei!

I would assume it must be an issue with one of the different resolution images you’ve provided? Not entirely sure

Is this on all Android devices?

mine different, for APK its like zoom multiple times, it just showing center of the images
and i dont know Samsung is crash, i think because of this.

OK the crash is different problem. i found the solution from other post.

@charliecruzan yes, it occurred on every tested Android device and emulator.

@hotaru.edogawa your zoom problem sounds like this: https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/4494
Which SDK version are you using?

the solution i gave not works.
im using expo SDK 33.0 in detached apps (expokit).
i think the problem is same.

if im using Expo client build with expo build:android Contain resize mode
image doesnt fill the screen for OnePlus and other
but image zoom too large, and crash for Samsung.

but if i eject and build from gradlew with Cover resize mode
image doesnt fill the screen for OnePlus and other if you set Contain in android
the image (still) zoom too large in Samsung devices and it would crash.

suddenly it solved, i dont know why,
i suspect we have to run expo client and then in the different command prompt we do expo publish. then i run bundleRelease.
Because before that, when i did a bundleRelease it was like my fixing is not applied.

Is it true we have to run expo client in the same time while do an expo publish???

With the latest expo-cli (2.20.5) my splash screen works fine in the latest APK release!

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