SDK 25 Publication available OTA to SDK 24 Build

today, I upgraded the Expo SDK dependency of my app to SDK 25. The first time I published then was during the build process for an ios simulator .tar, then .ipa, then .apk. So far so good. Now, however, the published version (not sure which of the ones published during the different build steps, assuming the latest one) was available as an update to the builds made with SDK 24 that were already on TestFlight and the PlayStore.

Do I fundamentally misunderstand the documentation here:
and the flowchart here:
With an increment of the SDK I should have to make a new build to distribute it, or in other words a publication will not be available to builds made with a lower SDK version, right? Or is the upgrade to 25 an exception to this pattern? (Previous upgrades did not behave like that for me, as far as I can remember).

Any explanation of what happened is very much welcome.

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