ScrollView decelerationRate has no effect (SDK 34)

On iOS there is a smooth ~300 to 700ms duration glide-to-stop after letting go of the ScrollView, but I am having a hard time getting a similar effect on Android. According to the documentation, reducing the value of the decelerationRate parameter should do the trick (e.g. to 0.8 down from 0.98), but there is no visible effect on the glide-to-stop duration. SDK 34. Has anyone been able to get a smooth and satisfying ScrollView deceleration on Android, and if so, what did you do? Thanks for any advice!

Hey @jtliphardt,

Whenever the issue stems from an API under the React Native umbrella, I recommend creating a vanilla RN project using the corresponding version to your Expo SDK (in this case 0.59.8) and testing to see if the behavior is replicated. If it is, then it most likely is an issue that should be reported and filed in the RN repo. If it is not, then we can begin to look into what might be causing the issue from the Expo side of things.


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