Scooter Map - Find Bird, Lime and Skip Scooters to Charge

Hey all, I have a lot of experience w/ React but this was my first time succeeding in building a mobile app. Expo is really awesome! I am so happy I don’t have to deal w/ story boards in XCode…

Scooter Map helps scooter chargers make more money by helping them quickly finding scooters and giving them other tools to spend their time wisely.

We have over 20k users now, hundreds of paying users and are now in the top 100 of Navigation in the App Store!

Right now I’m working on improving the performance of React Native Maps (which can be slow with many markers on the screen). Then I will work on push notifications and in-app payments.

App Store:
Play Store:


P.S. I’m hiring for a founding engineer. So if this sounds exciting to you, let me know :slight_smile:. Remote ok!

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Also if you have any feedback / criticism, don’t hesitate to share!

Thanks for sharing this, @scootermap. Hopefully some fellow Exponauts can give you some helpful feedback and criticism to help make Scooter Map even better than it already is!



nice work dude. This is a great app, works really well.

The sign-in worked perfectly for me but it would be cool if I could enter the app and look around before creating an account.
The styling on the profile page could be a little more consistent

The styles on the filter page are pretty good!

It’d be cool if the map markers would cluster up, in San Francisco things are pretty packed.

But all-in-all, you should be really proud! This is a great app, and it works well. Really happy you are getting the recognition you deserve for this! :smile:

Throwing it some 5 star ratings on the stores! :blue_heart:

Thanks Evan! Yea, I need to clean up the profile page…

I’m thinking about clustering. Clustering can be really annoying. I want to just make the markers smaller when there are a lot of markers on the screen.

I’m trying to figure out how to improve performance when there are a lot of small markers on the map. Right now Android caps out at 50 markers and iOS at 250. And even Android with 50 markers can be really slow on some phones…