Scheme for detached apps

I’m having trouble with detached project and linking scheme. I see there’s a new field in app.json called detach with a scheme field. This scheme is used in Info.plist and AndroidManifest. Any direction regarding this would be good :smile:

hey! a url scheme is basically a short identifier that allows you to create links to open your app.

lets say your app is named ‘FaceSnapgram’, you could set your scheme to facesnapgram and you can now use links that start with facesnapgram:// to open your app.

people generally use these as redirects to do some action in their app, for example you could make it so that you accept the url facesnapgram://new and it takes you to a screen to create a new post. pretty powerful feature!

Hi samee, thank you for replying. I know what scheme is for and I have used it in expo for deep linking. My question is specifically regarding using scheme in expokit apps.