Save Image from ActionSheetIOS crashes app in iOS 11


Apple App Store:

To reproduce crash in app:

  • Click PAGES, select a Page
  • Press check button in lower right
  • Press “Share”, Save Image


so sorry, under iOS 11, save to camera roll is currently broken in Expo because it now requires this new key in Info.plist.

We’re going to put out a new release soon that fixes this but I don’t know the exact timing of this. @ben may know more.

Sorry for the trouble! We are also thinking about how we can test better for things like this in the future. Probably we just have to spend more time with manually testing everything when major OS upgrades happen.


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There is a workaround you can add to your app.json which will add the correct iOS usage key in your standalone app. See details here:

We’ll ship a fix in our next release which correctly includes the key.

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Thanks - got the workaround working!