Same applicationId and experienceId, duplicate Expo Push Token for iOS

SDK 44 Eas Managed

I read this:

Something weird happened with my iOS users, they have two expo push tokens for their same app on the same device. They both work and they both have the same experienceId and applicationid (package name).

iOS users are reporting duplicate push notifications now because it’s going to both tokens.

I “think” this has something to do with either of the following:

  1. I recently switched to EAS builds.
  2. I recently did a version upgrade on the app store.
  3. I think one of my certs in the setup for my ios app expired, and Expo fixed it for me with the eas-cli. However, in the documentation it says " Uploading a new APN key will not change your users’ [Expo Push Tokens]"

Could it be either of these things? I’m completely confused why multiple iOS users are getting two expo push tokens for the same app.

Has this happened to anyone? Could anyone explain what is going on? Expo documentation says this shouldn’t happen…

Quick update: Some users are now reporting that they only get one notification even though I’m still sending it to both tokens. It seems like there is some kind of “transition period” where there are two expo push tokens that work and then one stops working after a few days.

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