Safe to use react 16.9.0 ?

Hello I am building a universal app using react and expo, I need to upgrade react version on the web client to 16.9.0 for testing (jest) purposes, I would like to use the same react version with expo, (using lerna) however documentation states it needs to be 16.8.3 (sdk 34).

Initial tests suggest that there is nothing wrong with using 16.9.0, however, I would like to avoid any surprises later on. So my question is are there any known issues with using a newer version of react with expo sdk 34 ??

Hey @spaceghost,

We recommend against doing so, at least certainly in production. You can try it in your testing environment but YMMW and it’s at your own risk. We won’t be able to provide support for any breakages or issues that arise.


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