SA app stuck on loading (not OTA Updates issue)

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 38
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

We are dealing for a long time with issues of app freeze on loading on our customers.
The issues are hard to reproduce on dev env.
Firstly we though the issues relate to connection issues, specially after OTA updates.
We changed fallbackToCacheTimeout to 0 and bundled the assets with the binary.
The issues still occur to our clients on a pattern we can’t explain.
It seems that the problem doesn’t relate to internet connection problems.
Reinstalling the app usually fixes the issue, and it is possible that cleaning the app data has the same effect.
I know it’s a general question, but does anyone experienced this behavior and managed to resolve it?
Any other suggestions?

Thanks guys, we really appreciete your help.

Hey @eitanfr,

Are there any common themes among those that experience the app getting stuck on boot? Manufacturer? Android OS version?


No specific Manufacturer/Andoird version.
After further investigaion it still might be connected to network connection issues alongside OTA update.
A common scenerio is after installing the app (with previous publish), first loading is ok, then second loagin of the app got stuck (perhaps because of OTA update download).
Is it possible that “fallbackToCacheTimeout:0” is not working as expected?
Is it possible that inconsistent connection causing this stuck on boot?

Hmmm. Do you think you could recreate a new project and apply the same changes to app.json /code you have implemented to handle updates and see if you can recreate the issue and one that we can try to test on our end?

I will try to do it.

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